For those of us who grew up on Disney movies (isn’t that almost all of us?), it only takes one signature item to trigger a memory of those childhood classics. Snow White’s apple, Ariel’s hair, Pinocchio’s nose — they all remind us of those whimsical, fantastical films filled with morality tales and musical scores.

Fan art is aplenty when it comes to popular animated franchises, but every once in a while, we come face to face with something truly wonderful. That’s the case with Maria Jose Da Luz, an illustrator and graphic designer in San Jose, Costa Rica. Her minimalist Disney drawings are amazing in how different they are from that signature Disney style, yet how immediately recognizable each character is.

There’s Snow White and the Evil Queen:

Ariel and Flounder:

Ursula and Sebastian the Crab:

Pinocchio and Jiminy Cricket:

Beauty and the Beast:

And she’s got plenty more fairy tale characters where those came from. Here’s the best part: if you’d like a minimalist animation of your own photo (or one of a kiddo, pet, friend or family member), Maria does custom cartoon drawings for $50 through her Etsy shop. If you’ve ever wanted to be immortalized in cartoon form forever, then bippity boppity boo: now’s your chance!

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(Photos via: Maria Jose Da Luz)