With all of the DIY Easter decorations, Easter baskets and Easter eggs floating around, sometimes it’s important to realize that it *is* possible to go overboard when it comes to the pastel- and candy-filled holiday. Remember: Less equals more. And while everyone can appreciate those intricate Easter egg works of art, a more minimalist approach to decorating can pack a much bigger (and more on-trend!) punch. With the artsy, minimalist Easter eggs below, there’s no need to fret about multiple dyes drying or creating a little intricate eggy masterpiece. These are not only easy to make but will still look amazing in that Easter basket, Easter wreath or centerpiece.


1. Painterly Pastel Eggs DIY: Celebrate your love for graphic prints with this quick project. Pair your favorite pastels with their complementary colors and get creative with the pattern. The end result will be a modern-day Easter masterpiece. (via Paper & Stitch)


2. Sharpie Egg DIY: Who doesn’t love a good doodling sesh? Put those skills to good use with a little patterned decor action. These black-and-white eggs would look great in a metallic basket or minimal centerpiece, but you also can’t go wrong with some colorful sharpies for added flair. (via Paper & Stitch)


3. Marbled Gold-Dipped Eggs DIY: Marbled Easter eggs are always totally gorg, but this dip-dyed metallic job adds just the right amount of contrast. Mix up those colors and metallics for a twinkling assortment that’ll look great on any mantel. (via Lonny)


4. Temporary Tattoo Egg DIY: Don’t worry, these eggs only look like they take forever to create. Use some of your gilded wearable art, and apply them to your Easter eggs for a fancy AF upgrade. (via Brit + Co)


5. Marbled Indigo Egg DIY: All you need is some blue nail polish and rubber gloves for these seriously beautiful decorations. Go with a monochromatic effect, or grab a few shades of blue for a more beachy look. (via Alice & Lois)


6. B+W Speckled Egg DIY: This DIY is great for Passover or Easter! The metallic eggs are as simple as grabbing a can of spray paint, and the speckled eggs can be finished with just a few flicks of the wrist, leaving you plenty of time to get started on that pile of candy. (via Fashionlush)


7. Pantone Egg DIY: The designer in your group will definitely approve of these delicious works of art. Pick your favorite Pantone shades (don’t forget this year’s serenity and rose quartz!), and get to work. (via How About Orange)


8. Gold-Leafed Egg DIY: PSA: Gold leaf goes with everything. Create a cool metallic pattern or just go with some asymmetrical metallic blobs for some magical-looking Easter decor. (via Sugar & Charm)


9. Colorful Geometric Egg DIY: Make those non-toxic markers your BFF’s, and create some patterns with colorful sharpies. While the black-and-white option above looks great, nothing can beat these bright Easter colors and geometric shapes. (via Hello Lidy)


10. Chalkboard Egg DIY: Use chalkboard paint and chalk, and try your hand at as many patterns as you want. This DIY is perfect for establishing place settings, or can be an A+ project for the kiddos. (via Liebesbotschaft)


11. Color Block Egg DIY: If you’re not big on eating eggs or just don’t want to risk any getting lost on the hunt, there’s good news: Wooden eggs make the cutest decor, and they’re a *cinch* to decorate. This DIY proves that Easter pastels and metallics are a match made in heaven. (via Honest to Nod)


12. Calligraphy Easter Egg DIY: Take some ink and your favorite calligraphy nib, and add a personalized touch to your egg collection. And if you’re pressed for time, bright ink on a plain white egg also looks super classy. (via Brit + Co)


13. Sharpie Easter Eggs: Color, lettering, pattern… what’s not to love?! You can go with non-toxic ink if you’re planning on chowing down on these, but you have to admit, they’re almost too pretty to eat. (via Walk in Love)


14. Natural Brown Easter Eggs: There’s nothing wrong with going natural. This pattern play will mix well with the other graphics and colors in your egg assortment, and decorating them only takes a few minutes. (via Kaley Ann)


15. Metallic Easter Egg DIY: Pastels are adorable, but metallic is forever. Simply spray paint some eggs, adding patterns for some eye-catching Easter decor. (via Delineate Your Dwelling)


16. Black Marble Easter Eggs: Put that leftover fall nail polish to good use with this easy project. The monochromatic look will complement just about any decor. (via My Dubio)


17. Black + White Minimalist Eggs: To achieve this minimalist graphic look, simply paint the eggs, and then use a waterproof pen to create the pattern of your choice. You can also decoupage larger graphics and patterns onto the design for a totally IG-worthy basket. (via Sköna Hem)


18. Rubber Band Easter Eggs DIY: There’s one tool in your house that you probably didn’t even consider using for your egg decorating technique: rubber bands! Use them to create a thick or thin white strip, and color block your egg in every way you can imagine. It looks like magic — and we won’t tell your secret. (via Brit + Co)

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