Into the idea of wearing a camera, but not willing to spring for the Autographer? I’m with ya. While I think capturing certain moments of my life sounds exciting, I don’t exactly need every day chronicled so intensely. That’s why the Miveu POV Chest Mount is so intriguing to me. It’s a handsfree way to capture the exciting activities of your life wherever you go. It’s perfect for outdoors activities like biking, skiing, and surfing, but can also be used by anyone who always has their hands full (hello, moms and dads!). We’d like to think that this would have been the preferred camera for back in the last web bubble.

Originally a Kickstarter project, this device attaches your iPhone to your chest for image-stabilized video capture and quality sound. Unlike helmet cams which can result in jerky video (especially in particularly active situations like biking, running or skiing), the chest mount helps to hold the camera steady while you’re adventuring. With the ability to be adjusted in several directions, this mount will help you angle your lens to capture exactly what you want it to. You also have the option to film in either landscape or portrait position.

Because this particular POV camera setup utilizes your iPhone, you can immediately review and edit video, and share via social media networks. The lens on the mount broadens the view of the iPhone so that you can catch even more of the world around you. This truly maximizes the experience of smartphone video capture, allowing you to get a large frame, good sound, and stable video all from your own point of view.

And don’t worry about your precious iPhone! The high impact cover will help protect your handy smartphone from scratches and cracks… although I can’t say the same about your body, so please be careful ;)

I love the idea of using the Miveu on a long bike ride or on a crazy ski adventure to get a visual record of those really cool experiences. It’s a great alternative to the GoPro.

Your outdoor adventures are some of the most exciting moments of your life, but sometimes you may be too into the the action to get it on camera. The cool thing about Miveu is that the filming is literally out of your hands.

How would you use Miveu’s POV Chest Mount? How do you capture video in active situations? Let us know in the comments below!