If you love vintage clothes or cutesy accessories, ModCloth is bae. Plus the company is doing super cool socially conscious things like supporting trans models and pledging to never use Photoshop, making our obsession even deeper. Today, the company released major news about a new product line that will blow your (beautifully patterned) socks off.

Take a deep breath, babies.

After recently opening its first brick and mortar pop-up store in SF, there have been whispers of a ModCloth expansion into the worlds of fitness clothes, lingerie and *gulp* BRIDAL WEAR. Bloomberg Business reports that new CEO Matt Kaness calls the storefront version of ModCloth an “incubator” for trying out new lines and ideas, like the dress + accessories that complete your look on your big day.

Don’t live in SF? Don’t despair cherie, Kaness says that part of his vision is expansion of physical stores. “The aspiration is that ModCloth will have a number of permanent fit shop locations nationally,” he says, meaning you’d better start saving your pennies ASAP.

Like the super exciting Apple/Netflix rumors there’s no hard date on the launch of this cool idea but just the thought of it should be dreamy enough to keep your interest piqued.

If the idea of ModCloth brand retro bridal wear got you all swoony, check out these vintage wedding ideas to tide you over until the real thing drops.

What current ModCloth dress would you use at your wedding? Tell us in the comments!

(h/t Bloomberg Business, photo via ModCloth)