Say what you want, but celebs and creatives really do come up with some of the coolest and cutest baby names we’ve ever heard. We recently chatted with model and actress Molly Sims to get some REALLY good advice for women waiting to get pregnant and totally *had* to talk baby names with the supermodel mom, too.

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The 43-year old mom of two told us that picking the perfect name wasn’t easy — but that she and her husband were patient until they found the right one. For her son Brooks, whom the family calls Brooksie, the name actually came from a certain baseball legend. Molly told us with a smile, “My husband was a baseball player in college and he always loved Brooks Robinson.” She also dished on names that didn’t make the cut, which included “Finn, Wes, Westin and Wyatt.” Gah, we love the super cute runner-up names too.

When gushing with us about her adorable 13-month-old daughter Scarlett, Molly shared, “I have always loved the name. It was going to be Ruby (my grandmother is Ruby) but Scarlett won out. Maybe I grew up with Gone With the Wind and it was secretly embedded into my brain, but she’s such a Scarlett.” Awe!

If you’re looking for the perfect name, take a cue from Molly to find inspiration from the things you and your partner once loved or still love, like people you admire or characters that have stuck with you over time. And if that just doesn’t feel right? Be patient and trust your naming instincts. You’re bound to find the best name for your little bundle of joy eventually.

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