Molly Sims is one of our favorite moms — we’re into how she decorates, how she names her babes and how she celebrates her holidays. Recently, she has us double tapping her Instagram pics of her practicing yoga with new baby Scarlett May. While the practice does have some naysayers, it’s really hard not to love these adorable images of moms and their wee ones doing #babyandmeyoga on the ‘gram. Scroll on for some of our favorite pics.

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1. Up Dog… and Baby: Molly is getting into a great up dog with her littlest one beneath her, looking up at her. What a great way to make a connection. (via @mollybsims)


2. Double Trouble: Double the fun! Legs up the wall is a great way to be able to see and smile at your mini me while getting in a deep leg stretch. (via @cassiyoga)


3. Baby Weight: A little extra weight in the form of your toddler will help strengthen your balancing skills even more in dancer pose. (via @ourfamilyyoga)


4. Butterfly + Caterpillar: Butterfly pose never looked so zen as with a baby. This duo looks so relaxed and happy, we wish we were practicing with them! (via @angelalan)


5. Tummy Time: A bow pose for you, a little tummy time for him. It’s a win-win situation, though this might be better-suited for those who aren’t crawling yet. (via @myogini)

Check out the full #babyandmeyoga video Molly did for Toms of Maine here, and let us know if you practice with your babies in the comments!

(Featured image via Michael Buckner/Getty Images)