Dog lovers, animal lovers or anyone with an ounce of feeling, get ready for some happy tears. This video of a momma dog being reunited with her baby puppies will make you emotional AF. The timid and super-sad mommy pup was surrendered to Marin Humane Society in California, whose caring and attentive workers quickly realized that she had recently given birth. Knowing that the babies would be too young to be without their mom, the Humane Society contacted the original owners and managed to convince them to hand over the puppies. Way to go, Marin Humane Society!

Marin Humane Society - reunited mom dog and pups

Watch as the frightened and heartbroken momma dog completely transforms when her babies are brought back to her. At first, she’s a little uncertain of what’s going on, but as the first one emerges and begins to whimper, she immediately recognizes the sound of her baby’s voice. One by one, the little pups are taken out of a crate, and immediately the bond between a mother and her babies is obvious and overwhelming (for both the pups and anyone watching the video).

Marin Humane Society - reunited mom dog and pups

Not only is the momma dog overjoyed to be back with her babies, she shows the humane society workers just how thankful she is (of course, while her babes go right in for some much needed lunch). Check it out and try not to cry happy tears — we dare ya!

You can keep up with this adorable momma dog and her pups with the Marin Humane Society on Facebook. Adorably, they posted this video along with the caption,“WOW! Our video of the momma and puppies who were reunited has gone viral! Eat your heart out, Kim Kardashian!” *insert laughing till crying face here* You can also donate funds to help these and other needy California area animals on their site.

BRB, watching this video again like 100 times.

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(h/t Barkpost, photo via Marin Humane Society)