Once upon a time there was a girl (me) who came across a really cool Kickstarter (Amplifear) before Kickstarter was truly the “thing” that it is now. She wanted to buy that nifty little iPad accessory but it was too late. The campaign was over and she had NO where to go to pick it up. Then she started to work for Brit + Co and — OMG — they actually SOLD Amplifear in their shop (Brit + Co SF) along with other Kickstarter-funded projects. Uh, this is a genius idea, she thought. And it’s one that you might start seeing in more places than just next door to our office, including the MoMA.

After welcoming 3Doodler into their store and even letting the 3D printing pen take over their window display, the museum’s store is about to start selling more crowdfunded-great ideas. From May 13 to June 16, 24 Kickstarter-funded goodies from 20 different international designers will be available to buy IRL at the Museum of Modern Art’s Design Store.

A “revolution in charging,” PowerSlayer phone charger kit will be part of the MoMAxKickstarter line.

We put this on the gift guide for the creative dude in your life — but we think anyone would fall in love with the Instagram-projecting, peanut-sized Projecteo.

The little WiFi-enabled MailMen in Toymail‘s line of smart toys let you send and receive messages (aka “mail”!) to your little ones.

Mmm, what a gorgeous way to tell time with Analog Watch Co.’s wood and leather Carpenter Collection.

The Little Lifter gives you an easy grip on the bulkiest of bikes.

Gigs 2 Go is a tear-and-share flash drive pack of USB keys made of PAPER PULP. Being green = easy + chic.

Chineasy uses pretty pictures to help you learn Chinese the simple and aesthetically-pleasing way. We can see why MoMA’s high design eyes appreciate this project’s product.

Yay for MoMA and three cheers for supporting crowdfunded projects. It is its own great idea — if we do say so ourselves ;) And speaking of ourselves, you may have noticed that we’re going through some changes on the Brit.co Shop section on our site… We have some exciting, shoppable news coming your way so be sure you sign up to stay in the loop AND get $10 off your first purchase when that loop is officially ready to launch.

UPDATE: The MoMA Kickstarter store is open!

Was there a Kickstarter project you forgot to pledge that you want to shop ASAP? Share below!

(Photos + h/t: Fast Company)