You read that right. It looks like a briefcase, but it’s actually about to make your throw-a-beach-bbq-on-a-whim dreams come true. Meet Mon Oncle, a new offering from RS Barcelona.

Created as a reinterpretation of the classic concept of a grill, this elegant piece of design manages to be both formal and casual at the same time. It’s like… the mullet of grills?

Open it up and you’ve got a tabletop barbecue, just waiting for a couple burgers, veggie burgers and a slice or two of pineapple. It’s great for city dwellers who don’t have a permanent spot for getting their grill on. Terraces, balconies, decks and parks are perfect spots for this handy cooker.

If you look closely, you’ll see that the whole structure is perforated with tiny holes. These allow the air to flow, making the grill more powerful and the grill hotter. Stylish and efficient? We’ll take it.

What do you think of Mon Oncle? Would you be down to take your grill on the go? Talk to us in the comments below.