They say fashion is art, but in the case of Piet Mondrian, it seems that art can be fashion as well. Mondrian’s works of geometric lines complemented by primary colors have almost officially become a brand of their own. From phone cases and housewares to shoes and clothes, you can find his visions being used as inspiration for anything and everything in the world of style (just ask Yves St. Laurent). We’ve rounded up 14 of our favorite Mondrian-inspired styles for you, so everyone can join in on the artsy fashion fun.

1. Geometric Clutch ($26): You can never have too many clutches in your closet, especially when they’re as colorful as this one.

2. Composition iPhone Case ($20): These days, phone cases are totally used as an outlet for expressing style. This one says, “Artsy and awesome.”

3. ’90s Color Block Print Tee ($36): If Mondrian had been alive in the ’90s, this definitely would’ve been his go-to tee.

4. Abstract Acrylic Bracelet ($40): Not ready to rock the full-on geometric look? Opt for bangles that still add plenty of color.

5. Funky Leggings ($17): These are a must-have for every ’80s party you will ever go to in the future. Who are we kidding? These are simply just a must-have for everything.

6. Baby Bodysuit ($23): Don’t let your little babe miss out on the Mondrian fun!

7. Post Earrings ($16): Show off your Mondrian-inspired style in a super minimalist way with some cute stud earrings. You’ll be opting for a ponytail to show these beauties off.

8. Fashion Collar and Leash ($11-17): Even furry friends need to feel inspired, too.

9. PO Design Mondri Vase ($100): Add a sleek, contemporary vibe to any space with this gorgeous piece. It’s almost a work of art in itself.

10. Geometric Tee ($15): Let’s be honest, we could all use another fun tee to add to our collections.

11. ’60s Mod Dress ($98 and up): Rockin’ the retro! While this frock would be perfect for a throwback Halloween costume, we also think it’s completely acceptable to wear it any other time of year as well.

12. Mondrian Manicure: If you’re a fab nail DIYer, you have to try out this bold look. (via Hapsical)

13. Cat Eye Sunglasses ($575): Classic, colorful and chic. Enough said.

14. Customized Chuck Taylors ($75-88): White sneakers are such a thing of the past. Custom Mondrian-patterned tennies, however, are so in.

Which of these Mondrian-inspired styles has you feeling artsy? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.