We鈥檙e always on the lookout for great Kickstarter projects to support, whether they鈥檙e still in the crowdfunding stages or are on their way to being products we can get in our homes stat. When we came across Monkii Bars, we were instantly intrigued. This simple suspension training tool enables you to work out pretty much anywhere you want. Tell us more, Monkii Bars鈥

Designed by two outdoor enthusiasts, Monkii Bars are mobile, lightweight and require less than a minute to set up. The handy workout tool set is just over seven inches in length and weighs less than one pound. The two bars contain an 18-foot suspension line that you can throw over a door or branch using carabiners and webbing (they鈥檙e working on a door attachment kit now), and they鈥檙e super compact. This means you can toss them in your suitcase, purse or backpack to take with you wherever you go (you鈥檙e no longer off the hook from working out on vacay!).

Even if you鈥檙e a pro at finding excuses not to work out, Monkii Bars will change that. Are they portable? Yup. Are they user-friendly? Yup. Are they durable? Yup. In fact, the designers of Monkii Bars wanted to prove just how strong and amazing they are (and make a super awesome promo video at the time time), so they decided to hook a set up to a hot air balloon and try working out on them from there. The result? Designer Dan Vinson got about an hour long workout in, doing as many reps and movements as he could possibly think of, all while suspended from the balloon. Way cool!

Monkii Bars mimic Olympic rings, and allow you to perform exercises like pull-ups, dips, pushups, muscle ups, rows and tons more. Basically, if you鈥檙e into improving your upper body strength, lower body strength or even gaining some flexibility, these are basically better than a BowFlex.

The product was successfully funded in April, and you can pre-order your set for $98 right now. Monkii Bars are expected to ship out late this summer (so don鈥檛 chuck the BowFlex just yet).

What do you think about this new workout tool? Will you be giving Monkii Bars a go? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below or Tweet us @BritandCo.