No one likes getting that dreaded one-letter text response: “K.” When it’s followed by a period and sent from your bestie, you know something’s up. Coming from anyone else (like your new boo), it can be a total mystery what they’re thinking. Thankfully, your days of stressing over text messages are long gone — now there’s an easy way to see what your friends are feeling all the time.

Moodit (iOS coming soon) is an app that determines your mood based on your interactions on your favorite social media platforms, along with your text messages. Your profile is your picture, with a colored ring framing your face; the colors change according to your mood, as predicted by Moodit. So if you tweet, “This day couldn’t get any better!” Moodit will pick up on that and update your mood profile accordingly. Similarly, if Moodit notices your curt and blunt texts to your annoying neighbor, your ring will head towards the red zone for angry. But Moodit does more than broadcast your feelings — the app also sends you tips on how to manage and take advantage of those emotions.

If your friends have Moodit accounts, you can add them and monitor their moods, too. By picking up when your friends might be feeling sad, the app can help the less perceptive among us become more sensitive and consoling. It could also come in handy when you want to have a serious talk with someone or see if a friend is free to hang out. You wouldn’t want to ask your angry friend to grab a celebratory dinner with you — that’d be a disaster.

The software is still in its early stages and the developers are broadening their database of positive and negative words, so not all curt responses like, “Nice!” or “Mkay!” automatically equate to a crabby mood. While Moodit isn’t available just yet, we can’t wait to see the app’s full potential for creating a happier world, one conversation at a time.

Would you share your mood with your coworkers and friends on Moodit? Let us know in the comments below!

(h/t Fast Company)