It used to be that when a baby cried, it was only a matter of time before Mom or Dad had to come to soothe, sing a song or change a diaper. Even with the advanced baby monitors that have come out, including top notch video and sound technology, it’s still been basically the same old song and dance. Now, however, get ready for some change, because when an app-enabled camera and projector called Moonbeam hits the market, that’s all about to change.

Moonbeam is a flexible, soft gadget that wraps around the frame of a crib to let you see and soothe your baby. That’s right, not only can you watch your baby from your mobile device thanks to Moonbeam’s camera, but you can also soothe your baby at the same time using its projection capabilities.

Let’s break that down. Your baby is crying, but you’re right in the middle of a heated conversation with a girlfriend about last night’s season finale of Real Housewives. So, you pull out your phone or tablet and upload media content straight to the Moonbeam attached to your baby’s crib. And, just like that, pictures, a video, whatever you want projects on the nursery ceiling or wall, soothing your little bundle of joy back to comfort until you can get there. Wow. Just wow!

Moonbeam has a soft, removable fabric case, and can be formed around crib bars or laid flat in a crib safely. As long as the camera and projector are twisted to aim right where you want them (and baby doesn’t mess with them), then you’re all set to go.

As fab as this all sounds, don’t get your hearts racin’ quite yet, moms and dads. While this may seem like the latest and greatest must-have gadget for new parents, unfortunately it’s not available yet. Inventor Craig Brockman is currently working with the ever-cool Quirky, an invention company that brings community ideas to real life, on producing this epic product.

You can sign up on Quirky’s website to follow this ideas journey to product and be notified of its updates every step of the way. And, until it’s real, we guess it’s back to singing and soothing ourselves.

What do you think about Moonbeam? Are you excited to follow its production process, or will you be sticking with a classic baby monitor? Shout out to us in the comments below!