More Millennials Live at Home in These Five States Than Any Other
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More Millennials Live at Home in These Five States Than Any Other

Living at home with Mom and Pop has been a growing trend for a while now — especially for those in the millennial generation. While there’s definitely some perks — studies have actually found it’s improving the relationship between child and parent — there’s also some very obvious downsides: like when you get super mad at your ‘rents and have no space of your own to retreat to.

According to a new Time article, which looked at recent Census data for the living arrangements of the 18-34 set, there’s a few states that are spending far more time with good ‘ole Mom and Dad than any other — quite a bit more. Check out which states fell where on the at-home spectrum below.


1. New Jersey (46.9%)

2. Connecticut (41.6%)

3. New York (40.6%)

4. Florida (38.8%)

5. California (31.8%)


1. North Dakota (14.1%)

2. South Dakota (19.9%)

3. Wyoming (20.9%)

4. Nebraska (22.7%)

5. Iowa (22.8%)

Unsurprisingly, states with high real estate prices (we’re looking at you, New York), topped the list, while Midwestern states with lower costs of living rounded out the states with the least percentages of millennials living at home.

In short? Lack of financial freedom = lack of flying the coop. Groundbreaking, right? Luckily, new Census reports are also showing that the poverty rate is steadily decreasing (it’s down by 12%), and the middle class is also seeing its best economic year in decades, so there’s hope for millennials that want to leave (cause hey, if the current sitch is working for you and your fam, why rock the boat?).

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