Kim is OFFICIALLY back, Angelina’s still got some fighting words for Brad and more lead this morning’s top news stores. Check those and more out below.

1. She’s *officially* back! After a couple of days of posting sweet family photos across all her socials and even getting back to engaging with fans on Twitter, Kim’s back to what she’s best known for — she posted her first selfie in months, with mom Kris Jenner, on Snapchat. “First selfie of 2017 w my mama,” the caption said, and appears to show the pair sitting in a car. The pic reveals a somewhat surprising detail — Kim is still rocking her lip ring that we saw in Christmas Eve pics, so maybe it’ll stay part of her look for a while. Welcome back, Kimmy!

2. Angelina is firing back at Brad with some pretty harsh words. After Brad’s request to have their custody filing made private was denied, Angelina has finally agreed to seal the documents, but not without saying he wanted them sealed not to protect the children’s privacy, as he stated, but to protect himself. “He’s “terrified that the public will learn the truth,” her latest court filing says, according to TMZ. She went on to say that Brad is just trying to “deflect from [his] own role in the media storm which has engulfed the parties’ children.” Yikes. (Photo via Anthony Harvey/Getty)

3. Girl Meets World has been cancelled. The writers of the Boy Meets World spinoff confirmed the rumors that have been swirling, saying that they “officially got the call” cancelling the show, and that they “gave you our best.” Luckily, the finale will not only see the series out, but will be a full nostalgia overload — all the classic Boy Meets World cast members are back for a reunion. It will air Friday, January 20.

4. It is 2017 and scientists have just discovered a new organ in the human body. It’s called the mesentery, and Irish researchers say the double-layered sheet of abdominal connective tissue could play a role in many stomach issues. What else will they find in there?! (h/t Independent)

5. Bernie Sanders brought a giant printout of a Trump tweet to the Senate floor and Twitter can’t even. As Bernie fought against Obamacare cuts on the Senate floor, he used a Trump tweet from May 2015, in which Trump said he wouldn’t make any cuts to the health care program. Naturally, Twitter had some jokes to go along with the funny visual, including the above, and one of our favorites, “Me over the holidays explaining what I do for work.”

6. Quote of the day: “We went to Disneyland and we ate pot brownies. It was literally heaven.” Andrew Garfield reminds W Magazine why him and Emma Stone were one of our fave couples — they did this on his 29th birthday.

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(Featured photo via Astrid Stawiarz/Getty)