London carries on this morning after yesterday鈥檚 attacks. Check that and more of the top stories this morning out below.

1. Inspirational messages are being written on the service information signs in the London Underground and they鈥檙e so powerful. On the morning after what鈥檚 being called a terrorist attack left four dead and 40 injured in London, Tube stations across the city have messages of strength and unity written on their signs. 鈥淗ard to write today,鈥 the Tower Hill Station Twitter account wrote along with a photo of its sign reading, 鈥淭he flower that blooms in adversity is the rarest and most beautiful of them all.鈥 Check out more of the signs here 鈥 and at the same time, be wary of fakes.

2. Houston high school student Ebony Banks, who has stage four cancer, just had her wish to see Beyonc茅 come true in a way she wasn鈥檛 expecting. Banks鈥 friends got to work spreading the hashtag #EBOBMEETSBEYONCE, and eventually it was arranged. Alief Hastings High School tweeted out a pic of the Facetime convo happening, thanking everyone who helped. Sniff.

3. Kim Kardashian calls Kanye West an 鈥渁sshole鈥 for scaring her at home after the robbery. In a clip for the upcoming episode of KUWTK, we get another glimpse of just how horrifying Kardashian鈥檚 Paris robbery was and the effect it had on her life after the fact. 鈥淟ike, at three in the morning, he came in [after his concert], and that鈥檚 the same time the robbery happened,鈥 Kardashian said. 鈥淎fter a concert, he can鈥檛 hear that well, so I鈥檓 going, 鈥楬ello, hello!鈥 Like, exactly what I did [during the robbery], and he鈥檚 not responding to me 鈥檆ause he can鈥檛 hear me.鈥 After getting no response, Kim started crying and grabbed her daughter North West when West walked in. 鈥淚鈥檓 like, 鈥楬ello, asshole.鈥 We鈥檝e got to come up with a plan. You鈥檝e got to announce yourself.'鈥

4. The Love Actually reunion trailer is here and it鈥檚 all about *that* iconic scene. The 10-minute reunion special, Red Nose Day Actually, has its first full trailer, and we get to see the whole cast pay tribute to the awkward cue card scene. Check it out above, and watch Red Nose Day Actually on NBC on May 25.

5. Casey Wilson announced she鈥檚 pregnant! The Happy Endings alum said on her podcast, Bitch Sesh, that her and David Caspe are expecting their second child. She was feeling really sick for about a month, but now is 鈥溾ot feeling great.鈥 LOL! Here鈥檚 hoping she feels better soon, and congrats! (Photo via Tibrina Hobson/Getty)

6. Quote of the day: 鈥淲e grieve, we fight on. This is the country we live in.鈥 JK Rowling shares a heartwarming message in the wake of the London attacks.

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(Featured photo via Tower Hill Station/Twitter)