An inspiring family of fighters leads this morning鈥檚 top news items; check that and more out below.

Best 3 years of my life. I love you.

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1. Jrue Holiday, the starting point guard for the New Orleans Pelicans, has announced he is taking a leave of absence from the NBA to take care of his wife Lauren, who was about six months pregnant when she was diagnosed with a brain tumor. 鈥淢y family comes before basketball,鈥 Jrue told 鈥淚鈥檓 obviously blessed to play this game and be in the position I am in, but my wife is the most important thing in the world to me. She comes before anything else.鈥 Lauren, a two-time Olympic gold medalist, retired from the US women鈥檚 national soccer team in 2015. She will have surgery six weeks after she is able to deliver. We wish her all the best.

2. Brooke White is a mom again and her newborn son is ADORABLE. The American Idol vet and her husband Dave Ray welcomed Sonny John Ray into the world on Saturday, and the two are the definition of proud parents. 鈥淗appy Sunday!! Look who finally had a baby!鈥 she wrote on Instagram as she introduced her fans to the little bundle. 鈥淲e are so pleased to introduce you to our not so little-little man, Sonny John Ray. Pushed him out yesterday 9/3/16 at 7:08 pm at a whopping 9lbs 9oz and 22 in! He鈥檚 alert and amazing and already giving us smiles. couldn鈥檛 be more obsessed with our butterball! Can鈥檛 wait for him to meet his big sister. So grateful! More details to come on his birth, but I gotta feed a hungry kid!鈥 Congrats (and well done 鈥 9lbs 9oz!) to the new mama!

3. This flight attendant did an EPIC Looney Tunes-inspired in-flight announcement. Sometimes you get that one flight attendant whose fun personality makes up for all the usual lack of any friendliness you often get from flight staff. This Southwest employee took that to another level entirely, doing a slew of impressions of Looney Tunes鈥 most memorable characters, including Elmer Fudd, Bugs Bunny and Pepe Le Pew. Book us on his next flight, stat!

4. Yesterday might have been Beyonc茅鈥檚 birthday, but she gave US a pretty rad gift. What do you do when you鈥檙e one of the biggest and best pop stars in the world, a Queen even, and you turn 35? You give your fans a music video. 鈥淗old,鈥 which was previously only available on Tidal, is now available to watch on repeat for days on Youtube. Live every day like it鈥檚 Bey day.

5. Kelly Clarkson is adorable as she celebrates a HUGE personal and professional milestone. Yesterday, Kelly took a moment to celebrate a moment in her past that changed the course of her life 鈥 the day she won American Idol. 鈥14 yrs ago 2day @AmericanIdol opened a door w/such amazing opportunities & experiences 4 me!鈥 she enthusiastically tweeted. 鈥淚 am 4ever grateful & blessed! #heresto14more鈥 May we all also take a moment to thank Idol for bringing Kelly into our lives as well. #blessed

6. Quote of the day: 鈥淣o man needs sympathy because he has to work, because he has a burden to carry. Far and away the best prize that life offers is the chance to work hard at work worth doing.鈥 Theodore Roosevelt and us hope you enjoy your Labor Day holiday.

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