Here Are the Most Popular Baby Names In Each State
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Here Are the Most Popular Baby Names In Each State

Baby naming trends are nothing new. If you were born in the ’80s, you should know a lot of peers name Mike, Jessica, Jennifer, etc. Recently, there’s been an uptick in gender-neutral baby names and celebs seems to be trending toward bestowing their kids with more traditional names (more creative monikers like Blue Ivy and North West are so three years ago). But what is the number one baby name where YOU live?

If you’re curious about baby naming trends in the US, the Social Security Administration site will actually allow you to search for most popular baby names between the years 1960 all the way to 2014. What’s interesting is that some of them seem to be regional trends, like (spoiler alert) Jacob, which shows up twice on the list but only in New York + New Jersey, two bordering states. Of course, there are other names that are ubiquitous regardless of state. Without further ado, here are the most popular baby names in all 50 states and the District of Columbia.

1. Alabama: William + Ava

2. Alaska: Liam + Emma

3. Arizona: Noah + Sophia

4. Arkansas: Mason + Emma

5. California: Noah + Sophia

6. Colorado: Liam + Olivia

7. Connecticut: Mason + Olivia

8. Delaware: Liam + Sophia

9. Washington, D.C.: Alexander + Elizabeth

10. Florida: Noah + Isabella

11. Georgia: William + Olivia

12. Hawaii: Noah + Emma

13. Idaho: Liam + Emma

14. Illinois: Noah + Olivia

15. Indiana: Liam + Emma

16. Iowa: Liam + Emma

17. Kansas: William + Olivia

18. Kentucky: William + Emma

19. Louisiana: Mason + Emma

20. Maine: Liam + Emma

21. Maryland: Noah + Olivia

22. Massachusetts: Benjamin + Emma

23. Michigan: Liam + Olivia

24. Minnesota: Henry + Olivia

25. Mississippi: William + Ava

26. Missouri: Liam + Emma

27. Montana: William + Emma

28. Nebraska: Liam + Olivia

29. Nevada: Noah + Emma

30. New Hampshire: Jacob + Olivia

31. New Jersey: Michael + Sophia

32. New Mexico: Noah + Mia

33. New York: Jacob + Sophia

34. North Carolina: William + Ava

35. North Dakota: Liam + Harper

36. Ohio: Liam + Emma

37. Oklahoma: William + Emma

38. Oregon: Liam + Emma

39. Pennsylvania: Mason + Emma

40. Rhode Island: Mason + Olivia

41. South Carolina: William + Emma

42. South Dakota: Liam + Harper

43. Tennessee: William + Emma

44. Texas: Noah + Emma

45. Utah: William + Olivia

46. Vermont: Liam + Emma

47. Virginia: William + Emma

48. Washington: Liam + Olivia

49. West Virginia: Mason + Sophia

50. Wisconsin: Mason + Olivia

51. Wyoming: Jackson + Olivia

Final count: In terms of girls’ names, Emma wins as most popular baby name by taking 22 spots while Olivia clocks in with 15 states to its name (ha, get it?). Liam takes top spot for boys’ names with 16 states while William slides into second place with 14 states. Meanwhile, Isabella, Mia, Benjamin, Michael, Henry, Jackson, Alexander and Elizabeth all tied for least popular most popular baby names by logging one state each.

Hooray for individuality… kinda!

What do you think of the most popular baby name in YOUR state? Tell us in the comments below!

(h/t Mother Nature Network)