INFOGRAPHIC: What Halloween Costume Is Trending in Your State?
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INFOGRAPHIC: What Halloween Costume Is Trending in Your State?

Halloweek is upon us! Whether you’re planning on dressing up as an emoji, Pippi Longstocking or a giant slice of pizza, there are only a few more days until the costumed madness begins. If you’re still on the hunt for your October 31st getup, SumoCoupon has some insight to offer up. The coupon site has analyzed Google search volumes to determine which costumes are the most popular by state.

Katniss Everdeen takes the prize for most popular costume overall, coming in at number one in five states. The classic Halloween zombie comes in second with three states choosing it as their go-to. Timeless costumes like Batman, the Joker, a pirate and Minnie Mouse are predictably prominent across the map, but there are also a handful of unexpected picks.

It seems like Washington was really into the spider-dog prank, choosing it as their most sought after costume. Pennsylvania is opting to take on the appearance of Slender Man, a spooky Internet legend that gained national exposure after a story on ABC’s 20/20. And then there is North Dakota that just wants to be a state full of Care Bears for an evening. Sounds good to us.

Does this ring true for your location? What do you have planned for Halloween? Share with us in the comments below!

(h/t Huffington Post)