You need to know about the charming, dapper and ridiculously stylish 5-year-old dude who’s been taking Instagram by storm. As you can see below, he’s fresher than you/all of us.


Meet miniature man Alexander Yan. He’s been making his followers jealous by rocking his own versions of ‘fits worn by famous celebs and designers. If you ask us, Alexander is giving some of these famous faces a serious run for their money.


Izabela Tomaszek, Alexander’s mama and Instagram account manager, told The Huffington Post that this all began because her son’s looks were constantly compared to those of celebs like Lenny Kravitz and Bruno Mars. A lightbulb went off and she decided to recreate her favorite celeb and designer looks on her son.


The result is something utterly adorable, with a touch of humor in each recreation. Come on, a 5-year-old wearing a black Karl Lagerfeld-esque suit is infinitely cooler than basically anyone else wearing a black two-piece and a man bun.

Would you ever dress up your kid as a celeb? If so, which one? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

(Photos via @Alexander_Yan)