New Year’s resolutions are in full swing. So what’s on your list this year?

If you want to learn a new creative skill or start a new project, online classes are a great resource to meet both of those aspirations. In fact, this month we’re going to be offering all kinds of savings opportunities so you can start a new creative habit this January.

It’s time to capture the new year in style! And if you’re a shutterbug like me, today will be the day you’ll want to scoop up some of our Photography Classes.

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Plus, we even have a few creative challenges you can try with your new online class. Check them out below.

Must-Have Photography Classes

INTRO TO DSLR PHOTOGRAPHY ($39): Learn how to finally use your fancy DSLR camera like award-winning photographer Jenna Kutcher. In this intro class, you’ll learn the basics of camera settings so you can start shooting in manual.

Try Jenna’s creative challenge. Grab your camera, play around with settings, and take some photos of:

  • Someone you love
  • Your favorite thing about where you live
  • A pet (if you have one!)
  • A few styled items from your home

Enroll in our Intro to DSLR Photography online class today.

PHOTO STYLING BASICS ($29): Want to learn how to style photos on your smartphone? How about mastering the popular flat lay shot? Then this is the perfect photography course for you. Blogger Meredith Staggers will teach you the basics to capture life in a pretty way on-the-go.

Try Meredith’s creative challenge. Look up the 2018 food holiday calendar and pick an upcoming day that speaks to you. Style a flat lay photo for it using tips from the class. Then, post it on Instagram on that day.

Enroll in our Photo Styling Basics online class today.

PORTRAIT PHOTOGRAPHY ($29): Professional photographer Sarah Deragon is going to teach you how to take kick-ass portraits in this course. You’ll learn different poses and how to capture personality, so you can take beautiful snapshots of your family and friends.

Try Sarah’s creative challenge. Now is the perfect time to start a photo challenge. Pick an amount of time (20 days is a good place to start) and take a photo of a friend, family member, or pet each day.

Enroll in our Portrait Photography online class today.

Not seeing something that strikes your fancy? Well, we have over 10 photography courses that you can choose from. This includes:

And more! So head on over to Brit + Co Classes, and scoop up a few to today to start your photography habit off right.

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