Anyone who thinks beer is just for boys is sooo two thousand and late. Ladies love a brew too, and we show our love via cool fashion, beer-inspired recipes and just straight up fancy beer.

It’s FINALLY the weekend, and some of us are already fantasizing about how to get our drink on. Since we’ve always been one to play with our food, the obvious solution here is beer pong. Beer pong recently got a cool upgrade when someone invented a way to keep the cups from spilling, but it’s about to get even cooler with this new Kickstarter. I urge you, sisters, to try and summit MOUNTAIN PONG.

Mountain Pong is the brainchild of Mike Rockwell, a guy not satisfied with mere plebeian pong. Nay, Mike wanted a challenge. He built a four-tiered contraption that lets pong players attempt to throw their balls at a mountain of beer. From the looks of this video, the hack makes the game way more challenging and fun.

A $50 donation to Mike’s Kickstarter will get you a pair of these babies. Or you can go to his website and buy them. While that might be steep for a night of drinking, we still think this beer mountain looks rad and we can’t wait until it’s less expensive and more widely available. We’re envisioning a pink zebra-printed set. GET ON IT, SPENCER’S GIFTS!

Until then, stay thirsty, my girl friends!

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(Images via Mountain Pong)