If Kim Kardashian wanted to actually break the Internet, she should have posed with a cat for her photo shoot. #CatSelfie was the hottest Internet pet trend of 2014. More proof of what we already know: Cats rule the Internet.

We’ll never get tired of cats in cute costumes, and we’ll never give up on our pursuit of achieving the purrfect cat-eye. That being said, we think we found people who love cats more than we do.

If you haven’t heard about the team behind Mousr, an electronic cat toy, then you’re in for a treat. The team created the first robotic cat toy that can see and react to a cat’s movement just like real prey. The toy features Bluetooth capability that provides you with the option to control it for a fun bonding experience with your favorite feline. If you get tuckered out from playing along, you can let Mousr’s motion sense technologies do the work for you. Consider it a cat and mouse game where everyone wins.

The super-smart team behind Mousr is composed of a trio of PhDs from the electrical engineering department of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. They are all cat owners who have spent years building cat toys and cat furniture in an effort to better understand their furry friends. They noticed that their cats were bored with other automatic toys, so they set out to create their own. Their passion to create a better cat toy took the team to China, where they worked to perfect the hardware design behind Mousr.

Got a cat that could use some entertaining? Then you’re going to want to jump over to Mousr’s Kickstarter campaign and donate $140 and wait for your little gadget to arrive next October.

What cat toy does your furry friend love to play with most? Let us know in the comments section. Bonus points if you have a #catselfie to share.