Apparently, cats need more help relaxing than their chill vibes would indicate.

While we already knew that cats don’t love us as much as dogs do, we had no idea that their seemingly relaxing life could actually be stressful for them. While scientists have been busy studying cat-human communication, it seems as if what the furry felines wanted all along was just to chill out, and a catnip company is trying to cash in on both your cat’s desire for some down time and the public’s interest in legalized weed.

Meowijuana is a small company that’s taking the legalized marijuana style of product placement to the feline level with their cat nip products. A quick glance of their Amazon shop gives you options for strains of cat nip, grinders, sprays, travel cases, and more. With names like “Meowi-Wowee” and “King Catnabis Jays,” they’ve made everything look comically like marijuana paraphernalia.

Considering that a quick search of Amazon yields hundreds of less expensive catnip options, Meowijuana is definitely a premium price tag for a comically marketed cat product. We’re wondering if people have ever been confused by the for-cats-only product and ingested some themselves.

While we can’t say for sure if the premium price is worth it, we certainly appreciate the dedication to a look and style. Who knew cats were so desperate to get even more chill?

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(h/t The Daily Dot; Photos via Putu Sayoga + David Paul Morris/Getty)