16 Instagrammers to Follow All Movember Long
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16 Instagrammers to Follow All Movember Long

‘Tis the season, people! Not just for turkey and Christmas shopping, but facial hair. Movember transforms the month of November into a 30-day celebration of growing killer ‘staches and beards to raise money for men’s health. To finish off the second half of November, we found 16 Instagrammers who boast some seriously enviable facial hair on the daily.

1. @dr_213: He goes by True Gent and he has the handlebar mustache to prove it.

2. @planchenaulta: This French bearded dude has a style that’s quite dapper. Seriously, who doesn’t love a guy in heart sunglasses?

3. @brandedwithlove757: We’re loving this guy’s daily graphic update of his beard action. Although, we’re simultaneously impressed and creeped out by this one.

4. @beardoblack: This may be the fiercest beard on the list. It looks like it’s about to punch us in the face with awesomeness.

5. @willitbeard: Is there anything this guy won’t put in his beard? It looks like not.

6. @dcorms_: Day 3 of this dude’s Movember journey proved that trendy specs + beard = classic gentleman.

7. @rossmacleancameron: Mustache love starts early… though the actual hair growth doesn’t come ’til much later.

8. @apothecary87: This men’s grooming company not only shows you the best in beards, they show you how to keep them looking great.

9. @beardbrand: This collection of beards is a daily reminder of the best, bushiest beards around.

10. @azizbawany: Go on a facial journey with Aziz (“not that Aziz”) and support his Movember fundraising here.

11. @josecoello: Everyday, this photographer snaps a very enthusiastic pic of his growing facial hair. You can help him fund his way through the rest of Movember right here.

12. @ryhorgan: Nothing like a before and after celebration in celebration of a naked face for the start of Movember.

13. @delano_syd: Short hair on the head, long hair on the chin. We’re digging it.

14. @westacottmd: This little one is not growing out his facial hair because he doesn’t have any yet. But his dad is and you can support him here.

15. @gregtbrown: This actor/model is known for his ‘stache, and he’s part of Apothecary 87’s Movember team.

16. @movember: Of course you should follow the official Movember account for month-long beard and mustache love in support of men’s health.

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