Movember is upon us, and there’s no better way to celebrate than by — you guessed it — throwing a big fat ‘stache party. Expect to send mustache-stamped invites, DIY mustache table centerpieces and bake up some sweet ‘stache treats. That’s right. This Movember party is about to be epic. And before you let people into your shindig, make sure they donate to the cause here.

1. Hipster Mustache Stamp ($13): The party experience begins with the invitation, so make sure to sign off your Movember party invites with this awesome hipster ‘stache stamp to get people ready for the awesomeness sure to ensue.

2. Mustache Mani: Really commit to the theme by painting festive mini mustaches on your nails. Use a pinkish nude or go graphic with a snow white base color. (via Cosmopolitan)

3. Mustache Hair Clips ($14): Clip back your flowing locks with this handmade mustache hair clip to finish off your Movember look.

4. “Grab a ‘Stache” Sign + Bucket: Treat your guests to a homemade mustache as they walk in with a “grab a ‘stache” station. (via Smart Party Planning)

5. Mustache Garland ($10): String up some ‘staches around the party area. Buy this one from Etsy or DIY your own.

6. Movember Balloons ($20): Even your balloons should boast mustaches on this occasion. We prefer handlebar style, personally.

7. DIY Centerpiece: Mix masculine and feminine by sticking a black ‘stache smack in the middle of a gorgeous flower arrangement. (via Project Nursery)

8. Photo Prop Set ($18): Commemorate the moment by taking photos of your friends rockin’ these mustache props. Get goofy with it!

9. Mustache Straws ($9): These straws are too cute. Take a sip and consider yourself ‘stached.

10. Mustache Ice Molds ($4): These silicone molds make adorable cubes perfect for your Movember shindig.

11. Mustache Pint Glasses ($25): You can’t drink beer without pint glasses, and you can’t drink beer in Movember without mustache pint glasses.

12. Vinyl Mustache Decals ($13): Are you more of a wine person? Stick on these vinyl decals to celebrate the occasion.

13. Mustache Flask ($15): Take a swig to show off this flask’s awesome shape. Yup, it’s a mustache!

14. DIY Movember Food Sticks: Use the free printables to make cute Movember-themed food picks. (via The Pretty Blog)

15. DIY Mustache Mugs: Serve your guests some dessert with coffee in these DIY Sharpie mustache mugs. They’re so easy to make, it’s not even funny. (via Crafts by Amanda)

16. Movember Whiskey Cupcakes: Nothing says manly quite like mustache-d whiskey cupcakes. (via The Food Club)

17. Chocolate Mustache Spoons: These two-chocolate spoons are delicious, and they’d also make great Father’s Day treats. (via Lume Brando)

18. Chocolate Mustache Lollipop: This yummy recipe comes with the templates you’ll need to make your mustache lollipops. Make various-shaped ‘staches to mix things up. (via La Receta de la Felicidad)

19. Mustache Cookies: We love the bold color of these cookies, and again, all it takes to make these ‘staches is a free online template. (via Sweet Sugar Belle)

20. Top Hat Cupcakes: These are just too amazing. The mustache + top hat combo wins all the prizes. (via Griottes)

How are you celebrating Movember this year? Tell us about it in the comments!