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Calling all movie buffs! If you caught the Katie show yesterday afternoon, you might have seen me talking about a few of my favorite movie-related apps. Just in time for the Oscars, we thought we’d present them here for you as well.

The good news? If you aren’t as up-to-speed as you’d like to be on the movie madness of late, we’ve got all the things you need to gear up for this weekend’s big event. Whether you’re into red carpet style, need to find a friend to watch a movie with, or just want a play-by-play report of the Academy Awards, we’ve got something for you.

1. Official Oscar App: Wanna stay updated on the Oscars, but not able to watch the whole show? Or need to whip up a batch of Sour Patch Cupcakes halfway through?Fortunately, you won’t miss out on the most important parts with the official Oscar app. Make sure to watch it the day of the event for live streaming video on the red carpet and backstage. And don’t forget to cast your own ballot of Oscars picks! It’s a fun way to compete with friends during the show. (Free: iPhone, Android)

2. E! Live from the Red Carpet: The perfect app for folks who love celebrity gossip and fashion. Get a behind-the-scenes look at all big award shows by streaming red carpet interviews, live celebrity updates, and more. It’s like you’re practically there! (Free: iPhone, Android)

3. Flixster: Everyone’s buzzing about Django Unchained, but you haven’t had a chance to check it out. Crap! So for right now, just nod your head and and then get to the theaters this weekend. Flixster is the app for showing you a brief synopsis of the film and then helping you find local playtimes. (Free, iPhone, Android, Windows)

4. Netflix ($8/month): For those of you who want to watch a movie at home, Netflix is perfect for you. Not only does it have a huge selection of movies, it also has a bunch of TV shows you can stream… with no commercials! (And I have to say that I have been LOVING their latest original series, House of Cards.) Just beware, it’s easy to get so wrapped up in a show that you spend 18 hours on the couch watching all of season 1! (Free with Netflix Membership: iPhone, Android, Windows)

5. Movie Trailers: Perhaps you haven’t watched any of the Oscar nominated movies yet? But… how to decide which one to watch first?! That’s where Movie Trailers comes in. Go to one place, watch all the previews, figure out which movie you want to see most, and they’ll tell you where and when you can watch it. (Free: iPhone)

6. IMDb: Wondering who that amazing actress from Amour was? Head to the huge TV show and movie database, IMDb. Not only will you find bios and pictures of your favorite actors, but it also has fun trivia facts and points out bloopers from the movie. So fun! (Free: iPhone, Android, Windows)

7. Fashion Police: Okay, we have something to admit. Our dark, dirty secret? We love Joan Rivers and the Fashion Police. Her snarky comments and blunt honesty are just so thoroughly entertaining. I mean, how can you not love a segment called “B*tch Stole My Look”? Now that she has an app, we’re going to be addicted for sure! (Free: iPhone, Android)

How else do you get your film fix from technology? Or better yet, what will you be up to this weekend during the big show? Let us know in the comments or on Facebook or Twitter.