From Hamburger Helper hacks to all other manner of junk food hacks, we *love* coming up with easy and creative ways to re-think our food. You know what ELSE we love? Mozzarella sticks. So when someone tells us that there’s a super simple food hack that can totally transform our mozzarella stick experience, we’re all over it. And Delish recently shared one of the absolute BEST and most ingenious food hacks ever: Cooking your mozza sticks in a waffle iron.

You heard us right. And how DELICIOUS do those cheesy, waffly mozzarella sticks look?! Making them is actually very easy. Pick up some mozzarella sticks (fresh sticks — not pre-made, already-coated ones), roll them in flour, then egg, and then bread crumbs, and cook them in your waffle iron for about five minutes.

The result isn’t going to be perfectly shaped mozzarella sticks. But who cares? These moreish snacks are unbelievably drool-worthy, so appearance hardly matters. Serve them with a simple marinara sauce and you’re good to go.

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(Photos via Delish)