Many of us will storm the iTunes store this holiday season to score One-D鈥檚 Made in the A.M. for pop lovers, Cee Lo鈥檚 Heart Blanche for R&B aficionados or Carrie Underwood鈥檚 Storyteller for country fans. But you鈥檙e probably leaving out a VIP member of your inner circle from your MP3 gift list 鈥 namely, your cat. This year, give your feline friend a present to remember with Music for Cats, an album composed specifically for cats to help them relax as they purr to the beat.


In 2008, we were still crooning to the chart-topping single 鈥淟ow鈥 by Flo Rida, but cats everywhere had and still have virtually no interest in human music. That鈥檚 when cellist and composer David Teie went to work writing two songs just for cats using natural acoustics and technology attuned to the highly sensitive auditory capabilities of cats. The tracks were a resounding hit, eliciting positive reactions from 77 percent of the cats that listened to them, according to a study published in Applied Animal Behaviour Science. Teie was on to something. He decided to launch a聽company offering music for animals, and Music for Cats was born.


Teie鈥檚 album is unlike any your ears have heard 鈥 and for good reason. Science shows that unlike humans, cats inherit their musical preferences from sounds they hear after birth, such as the chirping of birds or the purr of their mothers. Teie incorporated these natural vocalizations into his music and even coordinated them with the communication frequency range of cats. The resulting harmonies produce feel-good emotions that help relax your cat.

Although a smashing hit among felines, Music for Cats isn鈥檛 Teie鈥檚 last swan song. He wants to make music for as many species of animals as he can to improve their quality of life and satisfy the universal desire for music in all of us. Check out the sample clip below. If Teie鈥檚 music strikes a chord with you and your furry friend, head to his Kickstarter campaign and scoop up a single for $5 or a full-length digital album for $15.

Would you invest in Teie鈥檚 album to make your kitten smitten? Let us know in the comments below!

(Photos via Kickstarter/Music for Cats and Facebook/Music for Cats)