Well, now we’ve seen everything! After being introduced to David Lloyd Clubs’ “Napercise” classes, which is essentially a 45-minute snooze-sesh in a temperature-controlled room designed to reset the brain, Spain has introduced the country’s very first “nap bar,” Siesta & Go.

If the name wasn’t enough to give it away, the establishment is a place for weary patrons to rest their heads when they’re out and about.

For $16 an hour (or .26 per minute), customers can book an appointment for one of the bar’s 19 available beds in hopes of getting a little midday shut-eye. Offering up everything from single-use blankets and reading materials to noise-canceling headphones, you can sleep, relax, read, or even work, with select spaces offering WiFi access.

A professional cleaning service comes daily, so there’s no fear of sharing any cooties, and you don’t even have to bring your own PJs, since nightshirts and slippers are also available.

If you’re wondering how much foot traffic this place actually sees, you’d be surprised to hear that the answer is actually quite a bit. As business owner Maria Estrella Jorro de Inza told the Independent, “We get a lot of men in suits who just want to relax and women wanting to take their heels off. Lunch is the busiest time.”

De Inza told the outlet that she got the idea after seeing several similar businesses during a trip to Tokyo, Japan. It’s a particularly relevant concept for Spaniards, who reportedly have such long work days, it’s been a topic of conversation in the Spanish parliament.

While nothing may beat our own nap pads, we can’t see the harm in getting in a little extra “zzz” time where we can. Can we get one of these stateside, please?

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(h/t Bustle; photos via Siesta & Go)