There are a ton of online shops to fill our living spaces with beautiful things, but acquiring pieces that instill a personal connection with the past is another story. A lot of times, it takes a good flea market hunt to score a unique piece that has a real history to it, though with the holidays around the corner, weekends are filling up quicker than ever and leave little to no time to focus on The Find. That’s where the Native-owned home and accessories brand Eighth Generation comes into play, slinging beautifully designed items online that are all about paying tribute to traditional designs and giving back to the community.

Founded by Louie Gong, a Native artist, activist and educator widely known for merging traditional Coast Salish art with influences from his urban environment to make strong statements about identity, Eighth Generation honors its roots by putting modern twists on traditional Native designs. Punchy pastel color palettes and graffiti-esque flair are injected into traditional Northwest Native symbols that grace everything from throw pillows to cell phone covers to art prints, like the one of a vibrant hummingbird, which is thought to be a harbinger of good news and symbol of hard work and persistence. Eighth Generation creates its own handsome designs for wool blankets, which makes it the first Native-owned company to offer the comfy throw to the mass market.

Eighth Generation goes beyond offering incredible pieces for the home though: The company is all about giving back to the Native community too. A portion of the profits from blanket sales are added to a grant created specially to support and develop the next generation of Native arts entrepreneurs. If you’re looking to gift thoughtfully this holiday season — or all year round — this is a place to start.

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(Photos via Eighth Generation)