With Matt Lauer’s surprise departure from The Today Show in November, word was out on the often toxic work environment Lauer’s accusers brought up in their allegations of sexual misconduct against their former colleague. While fans of the anchor were shocked to hear of some of the accusations, the show’s network, NBC is reportedly taking drastic steps to ensure that such an environment doesn’t continue at 30 Rockefeller Plaza.

According to anonymous sources, Page Six reports that NBC employees must now report any suspected inappropriate behavior or relationships to superiors or possibly be fired, especially if the employee is shown to be covering up for a colleague. The source goes on to say that staff must report any relationship to human resources, as the company would rather avoid interoffice romance than deal with a possible fallout in the future.

Besides a seeming ban on finding love at work, the company’s new zero-tolerance rules apply to how people in the office interact and even touch each other. If you work for the network and want to hug a colleague, the rules include a how-to guide that includes a quick hug and immediate stepping away from your colleague as not to physically touch for too long.

Further to the hugging how-to, staff are reportedly no longer allowed to share cabs home or, in a more puzzling move, to take vegans to eat in steak restaurants. Although the network has yet to comment, and the source wishes to remain anonymous, these rules may not be the *exact* new policy moving forward.

Banning all workplace relationships and not allowing staff members to split a cab home might seem downright draconian and unfair to the vast majority of people who are kind and caring with each other. And as for banning workplace relationships outright,Fast Company reported earlier this year that this type of ban doesn’t stop sexual misconduct, but can be useful in situations when those who are in a relationship may not be equals in the office.

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