You know those moments when you鈥檙e聽killing it when it comes to聽your diet and portion control, then the next minute, you鈥檙e staring wide-eyed into a shiny, empty bag of Doritos? Mhmm鈥 we know that situation all too well. If you鈥檙e looking for a little help tracking your聽daily snackage and general dietary habits, Neo聽is here to save the day.


Neo is a smart jar that syncs to your smart device via Bluetooth technology, plus the Neo app. Once you add food to the jar and calibrate it, Neo will take note of the expiration date, nutritional facts and how much food it鈥檚 holding. Whenever you鈥檙e beginning to run low on something, Neo will automatically add it to your mobile shopping list, and聽also give you the聽option to restock via your favorite online stores like Safeway or Amazon. But the really cool part is that聽Neo can give you real-time data breakdowns of calories, protein, carbs and fat when you鈥檙e cooking with聽ingredients聽stored in聽Neo jars.

If you鈥檙e not a master chef, Neo鈥檚 app has hundreds of different recipes, but tailors its聽recipe suggestions based on聽what you already have in your Neo jars at home. Neo also adjusts the recipes聽based on聽how many people you鈥檒l be serving.


Just like all your other smart devices, your Neo jars will need charging from time to time. Thankfully, they charge wirelessly on charging pads, which聽you can place in your cabinets and fridge. Neo jars are also dishwasher safe 鈥 score!

Neo is currently crowdfunding on Indiegogo, and you can get two smart jars for $99 if you鈥檙e able to catch their early bird pledge. You can even refer three friends and get a jar for聽free. Be sure to check out their other pledges too!

Would you let Neo jars take over your kitchen? Tell us in the comments!