There used to be a time when makeup trends came from the runway, but thanks to the democratizing power of the internet, Instagram and YouTube are the hubs for all the hottest new looks. The latest one making a splash on the interwebs? Neon makeup.

Instagram and YouTube beauty blogger Kristen Leanne created a simple-to-follow tutorial and we’re loving the look. All you need to get your own neon eyeliner is some bright, popping eye shadow and some white liquid liner. Yep, that’s all it takes to achieve this super cool optical illusion.

Using the white as a base, simply draw your white line as thick as you’d like, in your desired shape. Once the color sets, add your bright accent color on top, and boom! Neon lights.

While we can understand why you might not want to rock this dramatic look, there are tons of more subtle ways to do it, and we’re living for all the simple ways you can try this look without being too extreme, like this orange sherbet-colored lid that’s just crazy enough to get a double take.

Another cool way to wear the look is accenting your dramatic winged eyeliner with just a stripe of pink neon, like this MUA did here. Seriously, how cool is that look for a night out on the town with your pals?

You can even draw in a design with white liner like this artist did here. Whoa. This look definitely brings the party.

Not an artist? Try a simpler design, like this heart-shaped look here. You know this look is still gonna pop under black light.

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(h/t Teen Vogue; featured photo via Kristen Leanne/YouTube)