Parenthood is a tough job, and we’re guessing that on New Year’s Eve, you want to reward that hard work with a glass of champagne and a quiet evening of adult time. Unfortunately, your kids might be hopped up on holiday spirit and special New Year’s Eve treats and want to stay awake for the countdown to midnight. Never fear: Netflix is back again this year to trick your little ones into going to bed early. How? With six countdowns you can stream any time you like.

Your kids can ring in the new year with countdowns featuring Oona and Baba of Puffin Rock, Care Bears & Cousins, Inspector Gadget, the Project Mc2 girls and DreamWorks Animation characters including King Julien and Mr. Peabody & Sherman.

Care Bears Netflix

The countdown is sure to be popular, considering Netflix found in a survey that 58 percent of parents around the world want to put their kids to bed before the start of 2016. And the early countdown isn’t just for the kids in some cases. The company found that one-third of Australian parents say they want to go to bed themselves after the fake countdown, and nearly half of parents in the US, UK, Canada and Australia agree that 9 p.m. is a good time for telling their kids it’s midnight. American parents are particularly fond of the early countdown, with 41 percent planning on using it as a way to get their kids to bed early. 63 percent of Brazilian parents say they like the on-demand countdown because they can celebrate the new year as a family.

As for what the parents do after the fake countdown, that varies by country. Many Italian and French parents say they most look forward to spending time with their significant others, and parents in Spain and Mexico are into the idea of a parents-only party after saying goodnight to their kiddos.

If you’re one of the many parents who plans to initiate the early countdown, here’s the Netflix link. Happy Fake New Year!

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(Photo via Netflix)