Netflix is increasing its prices again, but you don’t have to freak out just yet if you already have a subscription. The increase is $1 for new customers in the US, Canada and Latin America, bringing the total to $9.99 a month, Bloomberg reported. The price hike affects new customers who want the standard plan, which lets two viewers watch Netflix at the same time. As you probably recall, this is the second time Netflix has raised prices since 2014.


But there’s no need to fret — current customers will get to keep their current rates, at least for now. So until Netflix tells you otherwise, you can still binge on all your favorite shows and movies without paying that extra dollar a month (Friends-themed Netflix party, anyone?) Netflix suggests, via their @Netflix US Twitter account, that customers should go to @Netflixhelps for specifics about their accounts.


So why the price increase again? Netflix says it will use this additional money to bring you more content. “The dollar increase for new members is to help us bring more great content, original and licensed, to the service,” Netflix responded on Twitter.

And in case you still don’t believe this is happening, Netflix already updated its website to reflect the new price for the standard package.

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(Photo via Netflix)