One of the most annoying occurrences in our modern TV-lovin’ lives is that moment we’re in the middle of binge-watching our new favorite show, right at the peak of the action, when BAM! Glitch. Your internet zaps out, and you’re left frozen in more ways than one. Well, Netflix has heard our cries (and has also apparently heard the news that Amazon will soon be a major streaming competitor) and is aiming to change everything about how we view our fave shows and movies.

netflix hack

While Netflix is still the tops in popularity when it comes to streaming options, the fact that it can only be used online is an issue that other providers have been focusing fiercely on. Being able to binge-watch as many episodes of Kimmy Schmidt or OITNB as you want, even if you’re about to jump on a WiFi-less plane, is a bonus that could lure subscribers away from the mighty Netflix.

So how fast and furiously will Netflix be jumping on this update? “We should keep an open mind on all this,” Netflix CEO Reed Hastings reportedly said, according to Tech Insider. “…as we expand around the world where we see an uneven set of networks, it’s something we should keep an open mind about.” It sounds like maybe he thinks they should keep an open mind about it.

Although this isn’t the hard confirmation about an immediate change most Netflix users would surely hope to see, at least we know that Netflix is willing to, well, keep their minds open.

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(h/t Refinery29, photo via Getty)