Ah, we remember the days of chatting on the phone (our own private line!) with a friend while we both watched the latest episode of Laguna Beach and discussed recent purchases from Claire’s. Now Netflix is about to make way for a major update to this favorite teenage pastime. According to Business Insider, the streaming giant is able to give people what they really want: synced Netflix.


What!? We know. It’s almost too much. With a new Chrome extension called Showgoers, simultaneous Netflix viewing is now available. You can go nuts and watch Clueless together, or OITNB. Whatever your little streaming hearts desire, Showgoers can make it happen.


It’s easy to use too: All you do is click on the 3D glasses icon to generate a unique link. You can then send that link out to as many friends as you want (virtual Mad Men party, anyone?!) and press the sync button. You can also join at any time right at the section that your fellow viewers are watching. Plus there’s even a chat function to help streamline and share your commentary. We can’t imagine how rad this would be if Game of Thrones ever makes it way to Netflix!

Currently, the extension is only for Chrome, but creator/coder Alan Jones plans on releasing a version for Firefox and Safari, and is working on updating the quality of the current version. You can install Showgoers for Google Chrome here. Good luck getting any work done this fall ;)

Tell us what you’d sync in the comments!