Having a crush on someone isn’t always fun, especially if the object of your affection doesn’t feel the way you do. And that’s certainly the case for Adam DeVine in the first trailer for Netflix’s new rom-com When We First Met.

The Pitch Perfect actor stars as Noah, opposite Alexandra Daddario as Avery, the girl of his dreams. Unfortunately for him, she just wants to be friends, which he accepts — until she gets engaged to someone else. In a drunken stupor, he finds himself in what turns out to be a magic time-traveling photo booth, which takes him back to the night when they first met — hence the title — so he can “do everything differently” and try to win her heart. (Think Groundhog Day meets…My Best Friend’s Wedding and About Time.)

Though his quest doesn’t go so well the first time around (or the second, or the third), he’s just not willing to give up.

Considering that the lady in question shows up on that infamous night as a member of the Rockford Peaches baseball team from A League of Their Own — the night they met was Halloween — we can totally see why DeVine’s character is crushing so hard. But what’s so bad about the “friend zone,” anyway?

The movie also features Shelley Hennig (Teen Wolf, Unfriended), Andrew Bachelor (The Babysitter), and Robbie Amell (The X-Files). It starts streaming February 9 on Netflix.

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(photo via Netflix/YouTube)