Netflix is taking on every true crime story it can get its streaming hands on as fans continue to be wrapped up in IRL cases and aim for justice. From Making a Murderer to Audrie & Daisy and, of course, the story of Amanda Knox, we’ve been taken into some of the most tragic stories and vindicating outcomes (sometimes) to be ripped from the headlines. Now a new prison documentary takes us beyond the case, deep into sentencing and beyond. Get ready for the super intense 13th.

Netflix _ 13th

From the amazing Ava DuVernay (the woman behind Selma and A Wrinkle in Time), 13th will focus on the imprisonment of African American men in the US. While the 13th amendment abolished slavery, the doc asks if slavery still exists within the prison system.

Netflix _ 13th

With one key part of the amendment stating that no one can be forced to be a slave “except as a punishment for crime,” Ava asks if this is exactly what’s happening in our system, to an unbelievably unjust extent. Are people being convicted for crimes and sentenced unfairly merely so they can be enslaved within a system that makes billions of dollars by keeping them there? Scary stuff.

You can check out 13th for yourself when it hits Netflix on October 7.

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(h/t Mashable; photos via Netflix)