Ready to kickstart your creativity in 2016? We’ve got five new online classes that you’re gonna love. The skills and projects of each class will have you conquering new software, discovering tips, tricks and action items to kickstart your business, brainstorming ways to develop your own line of accessories and polishing your custom design skills, just to name a few.

Plus, we have an entire suite of online classes in areas like Art + Design, Needle + Thread and Tech that you can check out as well. Most even come with a companion supply kit that you can pair with the class (and save 15 percent when you do!). Scroll on to discover the new skills you’ve gotta learn.


1. Intro to Adobe Illustrator Online Class ($39): Learn how to create adorable birthday invitations from start to finish with this Adobe Illustrator tutorial. In this 45-minute class, you’ll learn how to arrange your workspace, use various tools and modes, create shapes and backgrounds and prep your design for print.


2. Jewelry Making + Metalsmithing Online Class ($19): Learn how to work with metalsmithing tools to forge and design your own jewelry. In this 30-minute class, you’ll learn how to identify and work with different types of metal, how to work with metalsmithing tools and how to design a pair of pretty teardrop earrings. Pair the class with its companion supply kit ($59), and you’ll get 15 percent off the bundled total.


3. Illustration With Watercolor Online Class ($19): Find creativity and relaxation through Meera Lee Patel’s meditative style of watercolor painting. In this hour-long class, you’ll learn now to mix color palettes, create brush strokes, blend and shade colors and sketch and paint a whimsical animal. Snag the companion supply kit ($49) for a 15-percent discount off the bundled total.


4. Kickstart Your Business With Crowdfunding Online Class ($39): Learn how to get your product idea funded through Kickstarter with Lisa Fetterman, inventor and CEO of Nomiku. In this 35-minute class, you’ll learn how to define your goals, calculate the amount you need to raise, build a network for success and so much more.


5. Handbag Design With Rebecca Minkoff Online Class ($39): Designer and #girlboss Rebecca Minkoff is here to teach you how to design a stylish leather fringe clutch. In her 20-minute class, you’ll learn how to find design and material inspiration, identify successful fashion trends, think about design and decorative detail and prep, cut and shape a handbag from leather. Plus, don’t forget to pair the class with its companion supply kit ($79) so you can get 15% off the bundled total.

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