It’s Sunday, which means the weekend is almost over (boo!), but your weekend online shopping is just about to begin. In need of a little retail therapy? We have just the solution. Shop our new products in the Brit + Co Shop! From bath salts to graphic tees to epic wall art, you need it all. Trust us. Scroll through to take a peek.

1. Test Tube Salt Soak ($12): Relax in a salt bath this week. Go ahead — you deserve it.

2. Pizza + Pasta Art Prints ($44): TBH, truer words have never been spoken. Pizza. Is. Eternal.

3. Paper Flower Kit ($19): Backdrops are kind of our jam here at B+C. Add them to the photo booth at your next party or pop them behind your couch. They’ll be adorable anywhere! Need a little extra help making them? Take our online class!

4. 2016 Jungle Appointment Calendar ($28): We know, we know. It’s 2015. But it’s never too early to start planning!

5. Blink Print ($55): Take your gallery wall to the next level with this blink print. Colorful and cute. What more could you ask for?

6. Bambi bkr Bottle ($30): Fact: You can never have *too* many water bottles. Especially when it’s a bright pink bkr!

7. Party On Tee ($55): Aren’t Clashist tees just the best? We’re loving this one at the moment.

8. Butter’s Better Card ($5): Let’s be real for a sec. We all know that everything is better with butter.

9. Gold Confetti Tumblers ($20): Make your special occasion even more special with gold confetti tumblers, because why not?

10. Peak Ring ($52): Found: the perfect ring to add to your already-epic rotation. Ring parties are the new arm parties, right?

What’s your favorite product in the shop right now? Share with us in the comments below!