Awesome online classes are now available at even better prices.

We鈥檝e got some oldies (but goodies) that you can now purchase on sale. From painting and lettering to photography and design, there are 16 online classes you can choose from.

Need some help picking? Here are six of our favorite online classes that you can enroll in today and save!

1. DESIGN YOUR OWN FONT ($29, originally $39): Learn how to make your own custom font from your hand lettering. In just under 50 minutes, you鈥檒l learn how to use Adobe Illustrator and a few online apps to create unique fonts you can use to typeset everything!

2. PRINTMAKING ($9, originally $19): In this class, you鈥檒l learn how to make your own custom stamps that you鈥檒l be able to use on cardstock, wrapping paper, a notebook, and more. This class covers mixing inks, carving a stamp, and printing using monograph and collagraph techniques.

3. INTRO TO WATERCOLOR ILLUSTRATION ($19, originally $29): In this 67-minute class, you鈥檒l learn how to illustrate animals, foliage, and flowers with watercolor paints. You鈥檒l walk through sketching a design, mixing and blending colors, adding hand lettering to your design, and more.

4. VINTAGE SIGN LETTERING ($19, originally $29): Learn how to make a custom vintage signboard today! You plan out a layout, learn how to draw vintage lettering styles, add embellishments, and more.

5. PORTRAIT PHOTOGRAPHY ($29, originally $39): Now you can take all of your friends and family鈥檚 profile pictures. In this 42-minute class, you鈥檒l learn about camera settings, lighting, posing, editing, and more.

6. INTRO TO WEAVING ($19, originally $29): In this class, you鈥檒l learn three essential techniques to create a woven wall hanging. Use this course as your step-by-step guide to finally start weaving.

Ready to save big? Enroll in one of our markdown classes today!