New Year’s Eve is one of those holidays that simultaneously sneaks up on us and fills us with anticipation, which usually means we’re left with lackluster plans that end up feeling like a total letdown. That’s no way to ring in a new year that’s full of potential (we’ve already started thinking of our creative New Year’s resolutions)! We’re making it easy on you by coordinating your NYE plans based on your horoscope — all you need to bring are the bubbly cocktails.


Don’t make any plans at all. Aquarius, there’s nothing that bores you quicker than following the rules, which is why you should just ditch NYE plans altogether. We bet you’ll have the most fun just by treating it like any other night of the year, whether that’s bowling with friends, reading at home, or hanging at your parents’ house. You’ll start the new year feeling 100 percent like you, and as someone who so strongly favors their individualism, that means a lot.


Host a Tarot card reading party. Celebrating the end of one year means celebrating the start of another — and all the surprises and adventures that come along with it. So why not put your Piscean sixth sense to use and host a Tarot card reading for your friends? No doubt you’ll end up feeling closer to your crew as you discuss their lives, and we know how much genuine connection means to you.


Go dancing. Aries, we can find you at the club this New Year’s Eve, leading your friends onto the dance floor with enthusiasm. You’re always down for a good time and somehow have all the energy in the world, well past midnight. Plus, your infectious confidence and bold moves are sure to inspire serious dance envy.


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Host an intimate dinner party. As a fixed Earth sign, you’re happiest at home, cooking for your closest crew and indulging in all of life’s little pleasures (be sure to brush up on your bubbly basics before the party!). Make your menu, put on some records, and slip into a silky caftan — it’s time to put those impeccable hostessing skills to work this NYE.


Try something you’ve never done before. We know how much you genuinely enjoy learning something new, so why not get a head start on that long resolution list and try something new on New Year’s Eve? Whether you take a cooking class with your crew, go to a spin class for the first time, or host a craft night with your girls, you’ll get to experience something totally different and satisfy your constant curiosity at the same time.


Have a Netflix night in. Large, rowdy groups sloshing Champagne on your cozy sweater isn’t really your vibe, so don’t force a big night out only to end up disappointed. Instead, invite your favorite person (or two!) over for a low-key movie night at home. These intimate, one-on-one connections are what leave you feeling the most centered, which means you’ll wake up on New Year’s Day optimistic and energized to take on the year ahead.


Hit up a karaoke bar with your besties. Leo, you’re a natural performer and are notorious within your friend group for your skills behind the mic. That means there’s no better way for you to ring in the new year than with an ultimate karaoke sesh at your favorite cheesy bar.


Volunteer at an organization that speaks to you. You may get teased by your friends for being a total perfectionist, but you’re one of the most generous, thoughtful signs of the zodiac. It’s true — you love giving back and will always work hard for a cause you believe in. Spend December 31 at a food bank or animal shelter, providing comfort and care to those in need. You can always meet up with your crew later, but we know ending the year on a charitable note will work wonders for your (sometimes anxious) mind.


Make resos for a pre-fixe dinner at a swank restaurant. You love to live it up, and can totally get down with a luxe night of NYE decadence. Go all in this NYE with a few of your nearest and dearest at a cool spot with a killer menu. Bringing people together is one of your greatest cosmic joys, and there’s no doubt your friends will have fun reminiscing about the past year’s shenanigans all night long.


Plan a romantic date night out. Passion reigns in your world no matter the night, so ramp up the romantic vibes by planning a New Year’s Eve date night to remember. We’re thinking fancy cocktails at an intimate speakeasy, a candlelit dinner for two at a cool restaurant, and a night’s stay at a boutique hotel. Plus, all that nonstop fun is sure to keep those intense, introspective thoughts at bay (we know how you get!).


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Choose a celebratory vacation destination. It seems like everyone’s New Year’s resolution is to “travel more,” but for an adventurer like yourself, there’s no new resolution necessary. We know you’ve already filled the past 365 days with possibility, traveling whenever and wherever you could. Cap off that curiosity-filled year with another excursion and ring in the New Year in a new-to-you city. You’ll feel optimistic and motivated to totally slay the year ahead with that goal-oriented attitude we know and love.


Score an invite to a black tie party. Tradition means the most to you, and you revel in everything classic, chic, and sophisticated. While some may stress about a fancy cocktail party, you see it as an opportunity to have fun, feel put together, and maybe make a few new professional connections before the night is through. Who said work wasn’t fun?!

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