Yesterday, after spending 22 years in a federal prison for a nonviolent drug conviction, 63-year-old great-grandmother Alice Marie Johnson was released when President Trump commuted her sentence, thanks to reality star Kim Kardashian West.聽

On Thursday morning, Johnson appeared on Good Morning America both thanking President Trump for his decision and also reminding him that she isn鈥檛 the only person who could use the same help.

鈥淚鈥檇 like to tell President Trump that I am so grateful for everything that you鈥檝e done for me and my family,鈥 Johnson said when asked by host Michael Strahan if she鈥檇 spoken to the White House after her release. 鈥淭his moment right now is happening because President Trump had mercy on me. I鈥檇 like to tell him that, please, please remember us, the others who have been left behind 鈥 because there are so many like me who need to have an opportunity, the opportunity that I鈥檝e had.鈥

Johnson was incarcerated in 1996 after a desperate decision to work with drug traffickers. Although she never bought or sold drugs, and although she had a clean criminal record before her arrest, she was sentenced to life in prison. When reality star Kardashian West saw a video depicting Johnson鈥檚 struggles, she decided to get involved, eventually leading to the mom-of-three鈥檚 clandestine meeting with President Trump in late May.

While Johnson says she doesn鈥檛 feel bitter about her time in prison, she did tell Strahan that she will be using her time and newfound freedom to work in supporting others struggling with similar stories.

鈥淚 plan on continuing to work hard to use my case as an example for prison reform and sentencing reform to make a difference,鈥 Johnson said. 鈥淲hen you see my face, you see so many other faces that I represent.鈥

At the time of Johnson鈥檚 commutation, CNN reported that the White House was preparing documentation for at least 30 more people to either be pardoned or have their sentences commuted 鈥 all instances where the administration believes that courts overstepped their boundaries. There is no word on who the administration has tapped to be released, however.

(Photo via Chris Kleponis-Pool/Getty Images)