12 Fashion Trends That Will Blow Up Next Season
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12 Fashion Trends That Will Blow Up Next Season

The runway is an incredible source of #OOTD inspiration, but with so many ah-mazing looks making their way down New York Fashion Week‘s hottest catwalks, sussing out next season’s must-wear looks is no easy feat. To help you decide which trends and ensembles are worth the time and investment, we’ve pulled 12 noteworthy looks gracing the Insta feeds of six industry insiders. From statement stripes to bold prints and daytime metallics, here’s what the In crowd predicts will be big in 2017.

All Belted Everything

Browse through a random assortment of shows and you’re guaranteed to see more than your fair share of belts. Dresses, trousers, sweaters, blazers and more — when in doubt, put a belt on it seems to be the mantra for next season. The super simple (and mad affordable) detail yields big results in terms of breathing new life into otherwise tired silhouettes.

Bold Stripes

Trends come and go, but statement stripes are the one thing you can always count on from season to season. Whether you embrace bold pinstripes, like those seen at Rosie Assoulin, or a technicolor take on the classic Breton style from Lacoste, stripes are a sure thing.

Structural Silhouettes

Be it an asymmetric skirt or an over-the-top frock — like this out-of-this-world design Jeremy Scott sent down the catwalk — fluid, structural silhouettes are slated to rule the fashion scene come spring. After seasons of throwback style, we’re totally diggin’ this futuristic aesthetic.

Show-Stopping Baubles

See ya later, chokers. The latest bauble de resistance is a scene-stealing set of statement earrings. While chokers come with an unavoidable side of nostalgia, these over-the-top accoutrements have a chameleon-like quality that works with every style, ya dig?

Playful Prints

So many prints, so little time. If you’re expecting spring to serve up a spectrum of soft pastels, think again. An explosion of energetic designs is on the horizon, so brace yourselves for everything from pretty bohemian patterns to pieces painted with pop art graphics.

Ultra Bright Hues

There’s a wave of ’80s flavor running through next season’s collections, with high-octane color and a preference for loud neon hues offering a not-so-subtle alternative to fall and winter’s dark, moody palette. Case in point: the lemon yellow ensembles spotted by Leandra Medine and her Man Repeller crew at 3.1 Phillip Lim.

Creative Layering

Spring is a tricky time of year in terms of dressing, what with unpredictable weather patterns and all, which just might be why layering featured so prominently in the spring collections. But we’re not just talking your average button-down-and-sweater combo. Designers pushed the envelope playing the layering game this time around to create visual drama and dimension to everyday looks. While these tactics might not offer anything up in the practicality department, girl, do they look good.

Sparkle and Shine

Who says glitz and glitter should solely be reserved for GNO? If Erin Fetherston and her NYFW cohort have anything to say about it, sequins and sleek metallic fabrics are about to become a staple for daytime dressing. The trend has already started to trickle into stores, but prepare for it to go full speed in the coming months.

Crushing on Velvet

If you still aren’t convinced that velvet is a fabric you need in your arsenal, the Spring/Summer 2017 collections are about to change all that. If Victoria Beckham, of all people, thought the soft stuff (in shades of lavender and seafoam, no less) was worthy of her line of seriously chic duds, then you know it must be good.

Asymmetric Styling

Don’t panic — you can totally keep those cold-shoulder and off-the-shoulder blouses and dresses in play next season (practically every designer incorporated the style into their lineup), but there’s another silhouette you’ll want to scoop up stat. One-shoulder necklines, as well as every other iteration of asymmetric styling imaginable, were kicking ass and taking names. The architectural lines are show-stopping on their own, but we’re more than a little obsessed with the endless layering potential they present. Just sayin’.

Ruffles Galore

Oh, my ruffles. Frill-phobes, considered yourself warned. The bigger the ruffle, the better seemed to be the underlying principle of just about every collection this season, with skirts, blouses, dresses and even trousers bringing the flirtatious embellishment in a big way. Whether it’s the industry’s answer to seasons of pared-down, androgynous duds or simply a way of capturing the shift to lighter, brighter, more laid-back times (we miss you already, summer), we’re in.

Daring Necklines

Designers are already anticipating that, after months of piling on the layers, you’ll be looking to bare it all when the warm weather comes back around. And jaw-dropping necklines seem to be their preferred method of execution. The gutsy detail was everywhere — so best start reading up on how to go braless stat.

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