It’s starting to look like 2016 is the year that all of our favorite childhood TV shows come back from the dead. With Fuller House currently available on Netflix and Gilmore Girls in production, it’s almost as if our youths have come back to haunt us (in the best way possible). Now, as if that double dose of nostalgia wasn’t enough, Nickelodeon has hit us with news of two major remakes in the works: Legends of the Hidden Temple and – wait for it – Hey Arnold!

nickelodeon hidden temple

According to Variety, both shows will be returning as TV movies. Legends of the Hidden Temple will be a live-action TV movie inspired by its mid-1990s game show and is scheduled to hit screens later this year. The plot will be centered around three siblings who must conquer a series of obstacles to stay alive.

Variety writes, “[the movie] will nod to other elements from the original show, including Olmec, a talking head who knows the secrets behind the temple; the Steps of Knowledge, the entrance to the temple and launching pad for the mission; and cameos from a green monkey, red jaguar and silver snakes, among others.” To confirm the news, Nickelodeon posted a photo on Instagram of set designers crafting a brand new Olmec.

There are currently not quite as many details available surrounding Hey Arnold’s return. All we really know about that one is that it’ll be a two-part movie slated to appear in 2017. We’ll be waiting for you, Football Head.

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(Photo via @nickelodeon and Nickelodeon)