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1. Hillary Clinton epically challenges Donald Trump on Twitter: A Newsweek article today detailed the conflicts of interest that would revolve around “almost every foreign policy decision” Donald Trump might make as president, and Hillary Clinton fired a set of 20 questions to Donald to allow him to clear some things up. So far he hasn’t responded.


2. There’s no emoji for women who wear headscarves, and one 15-year-old is doing something about it: Rayouf Alhumedhi has created a proposal to make new hijab emoji. She says it could be used for other purposes as well, like conveying “religious feelings” or for women with cancer, who sometimes wear headscarves.

3. This UNC student says she was raped by a football player and made to feel like she was the suspect: After going to University of North Carolina authorities earlier this year with a rape allegation against Allen Artis, who plays for the school’s football team, Delaney Robinson says the school did nothing to follow through or “hold him accountable.” This week he was arrested and suspended from the team.

FORT MEADE, MD - JULY 30: U.S. Army Private First Class Bradley Manning (C) is escorted by military police as he leaves his military trial after he was found guilty of 20 out of 21 charges, July 30, 2013 Fort George G. Meade, Maryland. Manning, was found not guilty of aiding the enemy, was convicted of wrongfully causing intelligence to be published on the internet, is accused of sending hundreds of thousands of classified Iraq and Afghanistan war logs and more than 250,000 diplomatic cables to the website WikiLeaks while he was working as an intelligence analyst in Baghdad in 2009 and 2010. (Photo by Mark Wilson/Getty Images)

4. Chelsea Manning has ended her prison hunger strike and been promised gender transition surgery: Chelsea, in jail after leaking classified documents to WikiLeaks in 2010, came out as trans while in jail and says she’s consistently been denied proper treatment for gender dysphoria. She began a hunger strike last Friday and ended it today after being promised gender transition surgery (she will be the first US prisoner to receive the treatment).

5. After speculation on her early immigration status, Melania Trump says she came here legally: Reporters pointed out in early August that there appeared to be some issues with the timeline of Melania Trump’s arrival in the US and her work here, but Melania released a letter from her lawyer today stating that she arrived here legally.

(Image from Aphelandra Messer, Mark Wilson + Justin Sullivan / Getty Images)

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