We all have those certain smells that evoke warm and fuzzy feelings and memories so intense they feel like they happened yesterday. That’s because there’s a major connection between scent and memory and, whether we realize it or not, we’ve become accustomed to these scents — even learning to love them — through countless exposure over the years. We can begin to crave the scents that shape our lives in more consistent ways (if only we could *buy* the scent of your grandmother’s apple pie and have it under our noses 24/7, right?). Perhaps your new fave body spray is a lavender scent (as a nod to your mom’s favorite cleaning spray) or your candle-of-choice smells a lot like your favorite Aunt’s home during the holidays. Well, the same scent-with-memory notion goes for beauty products, and now, you can spritz on a classic drugstore product scent that people have been smoothing on their skin for decades.


Nivea, the “original cream,” has been a beauty-cabinet-staple since 1911 because of its promise to deliver non-irritating, super-rich moisture — and it has continued to remain popular among generations. Nivea lovers are going to be happy to hear that their fave drugstore moisturizer is becoming a fragrance called Nivea Eau de Toilette. The scent, featuring notes of bergamot, lavender, rose, freesia and mandarin — notes pulled straight from the moisturizer — will launch in November 2015 in Germany with plans to expand to other markets in the future.


Despite its drugstore roots, the fragrance bottle itself looks pretty modern thanks to the shiny silver color, but has an understated vibe because of its simplistic design — the distinctive, circular shape of the OG Nivea Cream packaging. If your vanity is already stocked with the best the drugstore has to offer, then this spritz is for you.

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(h/t Allure; photo via Allure + @nivea_uk)