We’re a little Halloween obsessed here at Brit + Co. The crazier the better. Katy Perry a la “Dark Horse”? Been there. Creepy clown face? Done that. While we love dressing up ourselves we also can’t resist transforming our little ones – but maybe not quite as much as this new mom.

Jessica Chavkin’s son was born this summer in NYC and since then it seems like this Halloween fanatic has been planning her baby Noah’s Halloween debut. And, girl, has he had one. This newborn has had not one costume, but 31 – a new look for every day of October. Chavkin started a Tumblr called Noah’s Halloween Countdown, where she features daily pics of her little bundle of love dressed up in creative costumes. Sometimes they’re store-bought and sometimes Chavkin makes them herself (she runs a baby clothes and accessories business called Teeny Tiny Couture), but either way they are always utterly adorable.

Noah made his October debut in a classic skeleton suit and has since been killing it on the costume front with getups like: a fruit basket, the Monopoly man, Les Misérables’ Jean Valjean, Ludacris and a Troll doll.

“I created this as a way for Noah and I to have fun together and celebrate my favorite holiday while I have the gift of being on maternity leave and being with him 24/7,” Chavkin tells Huffington Post. “And I thought it would be fun to share with friends and family — I never realized so many other people would be so interested!”

The coordinating Instragram account now has over 9,000 followers who check back daily to see what look Noah will rock next. We’re loving them all but we can’t wait to see what the newborn pulls off as his grand finale come October 31st. All we know is — we have some serious competition.

Do you have something genius planned for your little one’s Halloween costume? Share your ideas with us in the comments!

(Photos via Jessica Chavkin)